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About Dr. Carrie Koo

Barbara, 77 F

Carrie's compassionate and knowledgeable care has improved my life in several areas. She has cared for me through an ankle injury, a shoulder injury and lower back pain. None of these is a problem now. Currently, Carrie is managing leg cramps that used to occur nightly, and now, rarely occur. She has also helped to alleviate allergies and stress. There does not seem to be an area which Carrie cannot improve.

Carolyn, 45 F

I truly appreciate the time and commitment Carrie has put into my treatment.  Prior to my treatment with her, I saw many doctors over the years for my chronic widespread body pain.  From rheumatologists to orthopedists, no one was able to effectively address my conditions and my treatment options were running out.  It was a struggle for me to function throughout the day and the debilitating widespread body pain was unrelenting.  Just getting out of bed was a feat in itself.  Who knew my first appointment with Carrie over two years ago would put me on my road to recovery.  Carrie explained what acupuncture is and that the number of visits needed would be dependant on my specific condition. She took a thorough health history and patiently listened to my long list of problems.  Carrie is a knowledgeable, highly skilled, caring and compassionate professional who has given me my life back.  It has been a long road  but I’m so happy I found her.  I no longer live in pain and I am forever deeply grateful. 


Tara, 58 F

I knew Carrie first as a colleague, then as a friend and now as my acupuncturist. It is only because I know Carrie personally and have the utmost respect for her abilities and character, that I trust her to treat me without worry. Carrie is very smart, diligent and will do everything she can to ensure that her patients get the right treatment for their condition. She is also a very caring and patient person so you never feel rushed or judged for having so many ailments. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.
At the time I started treatment, I barely had the energy to get out of bed. I was suffering from anxiety, depression and hurt all over. With the treatment, I have seen improvements in the following areas: anxiety, brain fog, chronic headaches, sinus congestion, frequent bowel movements, urinary urgency, sciatica and lower back pain. My mood and energy level has also improved and I’m confident with continued treatment, exercise and good nutrition, I will recover my health and become fully functional again. It is only because of Carrie’s excellent care that I am on the road to recovery.
Oriental medicine supports the body so it can heal itself. It addresses the root cause of chronic issues rather than masking the symptoms with harmful drugs. And if you don’t have a condition that can be helped with acupuncture, Carrie will let you know. She truly wants to help people get better, not waste their time or money.  I have tried 3 other acupuncturists in this area and Carrie is the only one I would recommend and the only one I would go to. If you are looking for the best, you will get the best of care at AcuMeridian Wellness.