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Traditional Chinese Medicine Evaluation

In Chinese medicine, diseases are categorized by patterns and symptoms. Pattern differentiation (diagnosis) of your health condition is done by examining your tongue and pulses, plus asking about your sleep, appetite, thirst, energy level, bowel movement, urination, and tendency towards feeling cold or warm. In addition, your past medical history, present health, life style, eating habits, and emotional state will also be inquired. Since our body is dynamic and constantly changing, the evaluation is done with every office visit.


Tiny, disposable, sterile needles are placed into specific acupuncture points based on your diagnosis. Typically, anywhere from 6 to 20 points are chosen depending on your specific pattern in order to rebalance your body to obtain optimum results.

Custom Herbal Formula Prescriptions

Chinese herbal medicine draws from a pharmacopoeia of thousands of herbs for specific health condition. Custom herbal formula prescriptions are used to treat each patient's specific conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

This includes body acupuncture to rebalance your body in order to achieve "beauty from within", facial acupuncture to eliminate fine wrinkles, improve skin tone, and tighten sagging muscles, plus herbal mask and  pearl brightening cream applications. See Facial Acupuncture Page for details.

Smoke Cessation Treatment

Auricular acupuncture protocol that stimulates the release of endorphins to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

See Smoke Cessation Page for details.

Infrared and Moxibustion Therapy

Modern technology as well as ancient practice are used to provide warming therapy for your condition's specific needs. Moxibustion uses the dried leaf of mugwort that is rolled into a stick , then burned to provide warmth around chosen acupuncture points to treat a wide variety of health issues. Get to know Moxibustion here

Cupping Therapy

Uses glass cups to create a vacuum over acupuncture points at the surface of the skin in order to increase circulation to the area. The treatment is great for muscle pain, respiratory and digestive issues as well as general tonification of the body. The side effect of the therapy is minor bruising that is created by the vacuum. However, it is not painful and goes away within a few days. Most people find this therapy relaxing and feel like a deep tissue massage.


A Chinese massage technique that stimulates the meridians facilitating the smooth flow of Qi and blood.

Eastern Nutrition Counseling

In Chinese Medicine, specific foods are used to strengthen, rebuild, and balance the body according to the state of the health of the patients. Patients are taught the energetics of food and how to incorporate them into their daily diets in order to balance their body for long term health benefits and maintenance.

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